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    “The passion for playing Chess is one of the most unaccountable in the world” ~H.G. Wells

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    "It is not possible to become a great player without having learned how to analyse deeply and accurately" ~Mark Dvoretsky

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    "Every chess master was once a beginner" ~Irving Chernev

Northside Junior Chess Club

The Northside Junior Chess Club meets every Tuesday evening for a mix of coaching, activities and tournament games. Juniors of all ages and abilities are welcome.

The Club runs from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Cost is $10 per night or $90 per term. The club is held at St Joseph’s Nudgee College, 2199 Sandgate rd Boondall in the PurSchool Map2ton Science Centre, Room 04. Parking is available in the gravel car park next to Sandgate rd.


Northside Junior Chess Club Calendar 2017

College Map



Northside Junior Chess Club Champions

Problem Solving Champion 2016: Rover-Leigh Mercado, Kanak Relekar & Dylan Zhang

Club Champion 2016: Rover-Leigh Mercado & Aditya Anand

Scottish Champion 2016: Aditya Anand

Problem Solving Champion 2016: Khush Patel

Club Champion 2015: Jasper Moss

Openings Champion 2015: Jasper Moss

Scottish Champion 2015: Aditya Anand

Problem Solving Champion 2015: Rover-Leigh Mercado & Hank Hsieh

Club Champion 2014: Jasper Moss

Openings Champion 2014: Sam Uchytil

Scottish Champion 2014: Aditya Anand